PixelPlanet PdfPrinter 6  v.6.03.0342.

With PixelPlanet PdfPrinter 6, you can create PDF documents from any printable application. The printer is part of the PdfGrabber software, but can also be purchased and installed by itself.


XPressUpdate is made for software producers / distributors who want to increase the value of their software with the help of an efficient update module and for whom the protection of their intellectual property is a main objective.


Aloaha PDF Crypter  v.5.0.90

The Aloaha FileCrypter encrypts any document with a list of public keys stored in the users address book or certicate store.

PdfEditor 1.0  v.

Edit, create and combine PDF-Files. PdfEditor makes it possible to edit and create PDF files. PDF documents are opened directly in PdfEditor and can be edited with the help of numerous tools. Text can be changed or inserted, images removed,

WinOrder  v.

Each professional delivery service should have a refined software with which it can take, administer and handle its orders. WinOrder has several outstanding advantages, such as its good price performance relationship,

PdfGrabber  v.

This software allows you to export contents from PDF documents into various formats, including Excel, RTF and Word. You can then edit and process PDF contents in applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Access,

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